Masaaki’s Sushi, Geeveston

Masaaki is a definite celebrity when it comes to Sushi in Tasmania. He owns a small store behind the shops in Geeveston, a rural logging town down bottom of the Huon Valley. Masaaki’s is only open Friday and Saturday for a few hours around lunchtime, but sells out well before closing time, with good reason.. it’s among the best sushi we’ve ever had, and on par with the sushi places we went to in Tokyo.

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The Lotus Eaters Cafe, Cygnet

This post has been a while coming… as this is one of my favourite places to eat in Tasmania (and also happens to be one of our local cafes), but I was there this morning taking photos for a post on another blog I’m a contributor to, so figured it’s about time.

The Lotus Eaters Cafe in Cygnet is a very casual cafe with incredible food and coffee, and a really great atmosphere. You can sit inside their eclectic art-filled interior rooms, or out in the sun around massive shared tables made from old wire spools and assorted bits. The outside area is the most popular, and due to their location in the middle of Cygnet it ends up being the town centre of sorts, with locals gathering for a chat and a coffee on their way around town.

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Get Shucked Oysters

Get Shucked Oysters was our second stop on our day trip to Bruny Island. This is where I make a shocking admission: I’d never eaten oysters before this trip. Yes yes, I know. My wife is a massive fan, and has been trying to convince me for years to give them a go, but they always just seemed like a weird thing to eat. Even though we can pick fresh oysters from the beaches near our house, I’d just never taken the step to eating one… until this. I tried them, and I liked them. I wouldn’t say it was a revelation or it opened my eyes to an amazing new world, but they weren’t bad, and I’ll try different kinds now to see how it goes.

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Bruny Island Smoke House (BISH)

Bruny Island Smoke House is one of the first eateries you’ll hit when you drive off the ferry on Bruny Island. It’s a very unique and beautifully outfitted building, where you can sit on the couches in front of the fireplace, or on the deck on a nice sunny day, and eat amazing smoked-on-site foods chased down with a large variety of wines and whiskeys.

They do tastings of all their dips, spreads, sardines, and condiments, and if you’re not the designated driver, you can also do a (paid) tasting of whiskeys.

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Pies at a vineyard and scones at a cheesery

After weeks of rain and storms, we finally got some nice clear weather to head out to some of our favourite local food places, and soak up some vitamin D.

First we hit up Hartzview Vineyard, which is just up the road from us (and featured recently in another blog post here). While famous for their wines, my wife and I aren’t really wine drinkers, instead going here for the breath taking views across Gardners Bay and the delicious food. Today we had 2 pies from the specials board, being a scallop curry pie and a beef & mushroom pie.

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Peppermint Bay

It’s about time I posted about Peppermint Bay. Years and years ago before we lived here and we were visiting my brother, I remember driving past this place and seeing the setting on the waterfront, and insisting we stop to check it out. Since then, we stopped for lunch every time we visited Tas, and now upon moving here are lucky enough to have it as our local cafe (not on purpose, just a very nice coincidence!).

There’s endless amazing food in Tasmania, especially down south where we live, but Peppermint Bay is one of those places you just keep going back to. The food is delicious, the coffee is among my favourite anywhere, the staff are all amazingly friendly, and the views… we can sit there for hours just staring across the D’entrecasteaux Channel at the yachts floating past (and Peppermint Bay’s own catamaran bringing tourists from Hobart).

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The Apple Shed, Huonville

My brother recently got a new job as Head Chef at The Apple Shed, in Grove, outside of Huonville. It used to just be an apple museum, cider bar, and cafe, but recently expanded into doing catered food events on weekends and now have gone all out with a full kitchen, staff, and of course, my bro.

It’s a pretty amazing place, and since moving here we’ve been going as much as we can. They have a great mix of indoor lounge areas, outdoor seating for sunny days, and outdoor covered areas with fireplaces and heaters for nice nights.

They’ve just built a massive wood fired oven that can do entire pigs, and as soon as council approval comes through will be cranking out wood fired pizzas and breads, slow roasted meats and veges, and heaps more. In the meantime they use their main kitchen to create a truly awesome varied menu using nearly all local (as inĀ very local) high end ingredients.

The pictures below are from a variety of trips there…

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