Australian Wooden Boat Festival 2015

This weekend was the Australian Wooden Boat Festival, so we decided to have a quick walk around and snap some pics. We had a friend visiting for the weekend too, so couldn’t spend all day there, but it was great to check out some of the awe-inspiring work put into the vessels on display. Highlight for me was absolutely the wood-burning steam-engined cruiser that had been lovingly restored to spit-polished perfection. What an absolute beauty.

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Middleton Country Fair 2015

Despite intermittent pouring rain and high winds keeping a fair few people away, there were still a fair few brave people out for the Middleton Country

Fair today. We’ve never actually been so weren’t going to let a typical Tassie summer day keep us away, and we’re glad we went. There was lots of animals to play with and look at, some sheep shearing, a collection of old steam engines being demonstrated, some nice classic cars, and a variety of live music. Oh, and dagwood dogs. It’s not a fair without dagwood dogs.

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Cygnet Folk Festival 2015

Cygnet Folk Festival is a music festival that completely takes over nook and cranny of Cygnet for 3 days each year. It gets a monstrous turnout for such a small town, estimated around 6000 last year, and has a huge variety of acts across dozens of performance areas around the town. Every space that can handle it has some kind of performer, from full concerts in the halls and buildings to buskers on every corner and throughout the parks.

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Grand finals left right and centre

Busy day for junior sports today. One of my little brothers (14 yrs old) captains an under 14s rugby team, and also plays in an under 16s team… and my other little bro (16 yrs old) plays in an adult basketball team… all 3 of those teams made it into the grand finals, and all 3 had their finals today. The rugby finals were one after the other too, with barely enough time for him to change jerseys before heading back out onto the field!

It was an awesome effort by both brothers, but regretfully only 1 of the 3 matches today ended in our favour, with my littlest of brothers captaining the Taroona Penguins to a very exciting win. Great work boys!

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Model Train Expo at Hartzview Vineyard

I love model trains. I’ve loved model trains for as long as I can remember. My favourite toy, and one of the only toys I’ve still got from my childhood, was 8 pieces of HO track and a few random carriages I got from dad for Christmas (or a birthday?) once. I couldn’t afford an actual engine or the electronics, or enough track to make a loop, so I’d just connect those few pieces I had into various configs and push the carriages up and down. I always said that one day I’d use those pieces to kick off a proper adult-hobby of a model railroad… and lately I’m thinking it’s almost time to do so.

Yesterday we were sitting in the local cafe and noticed an article in article in the town paper talking about a model train expo, that was on today… walking distance from our house. Hell yeah. We charged up the camera and headed up right after breakfast, and it was awesome.

It was at the Hartzview Vineyard, in Gardners Bay, a local vineyard that is perched up on a hill with some absolutely ridiculous views. They have a “picker’s village” there which is a bunch of historical picker’s huts sitting pretty much how they would’ve been used back in the day, and you can walk around and inside them etc. For the train expo, they had 2 large sheds, each with multiple sets running inside them.

Some pics from the vineyard itself and the historical picker’s village they have:

The model train expo, spread across 2 buildings:

Dark Mofo Winter Feast

Dark Mofo is a winter festival put on by MONA each year, and includes a Winter Feast, which is exactly that… a feast in the middle of winter. It takes up the entire┬áPrinces Wharf 1 event hall and the Castray Esplanade outside, which they shut to traffic for the weekend and set up with bon fires, flame throwers, a ferris wheel, and other assorted goodies.

Restaurants and other makers of great food all set up stalls and show off their wares, and visitors huddle around huge flame throwers and fire pits and eat until stomachs burst, then gaffa tape it up and eat some more.

This year was a bit chaotic, being majorly over-sold which meant huge queues to get any food, huge queues to get a seat, and huge queues to get to either of those aforementioned queues. The atmosphere was great though, and we still managed to eat enough to waddle home and collapse in a food coma.