Living In Tasmania is a blog about my life… in Tasmania.

This entire project is really just a way for me to share my photography, and my passion for Tasmania’s foods, sights, and people. I’m not a writer, and I’m barely really a photographer. For most my career I was in IT, until I got cancer, then found out my wife and I were having a baby. We wanted to bring our daughter up somewhere nicer than the inner-city apartment we lived in, and I wanted to be closer to my family throughout the cancer stuff, so we packed up all our belongings and moved down to the bottom of Tasmania near the family farms. Since then I spend my days taking photos, visiting farms, and generally obsessing over the entire “farm to plate” mentality, and that’s how I got here… blogging about food and Tasmania in general.

Due to my health issues, this blog won’t always be updated regularly or to any real schedule. Please don’t take periods of quiet as meaning I’ve stopped blogging… just come back later, or ideally, subscribe via the top right of the site and you’ll get an email when I update.

All photos on this blog were taken be me. Feel free to use them in blog posts or articles, as long as there is a prominent link giving me credit and a link back to this blog. My photos are not to be used for any commercial purposes such as prints, posters, advertising, t-shirts or products, or anything else that makes them a physical object. If you’re unsure whether I’ll be OK with your usage, just contact me, the answer is usually “yes”, and if it’s “no” some nice food can usually persuade me.

Callan Back

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