Australian Wooden Boat Festival 2015

This weekend was the Australian Wooden Boat Festival, so we decided to have a quick walk around and snap some pics. We had a friend visiting for the weekend too, so couldn’t spend all day there, but it was great to check out some of the awe-inspiring work put into the vessels on display. Highlight for me was absolutely the wood-burning steam-engined cruiser that had been lovingly restored to spit-polished perfection. What an absolute beauty.

I love ships, so much so that it verges on an obsession. Everything from model boats to cruise ships, tinnies to car ferries. I love the romantic stereotype of sailing off to sea, as well as the mechanical and engineering feats required to float and control tonnes of steel and wood. One of my main life dreams is to own an ex-commercial vessel of some kind, but for now I’ll settle for cruises and the occasional fishing charter, and incredible festivals like this one.

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