Cygnet Folk Festival 2015

Cygnet Folk Festival is a music festival that completely takes over nook and cranny of Cygnet for 3 days each year. It gets a monstrous turnout for such a small town, estimated around 6000 last year, and has a huge variety of acts across dozens of performance areas around the town. Every space that can handle it has some kind of performer, from full concerts in the halls and buildings to buskers on every corner and throughout the parks.

It’s a seriously impressive event, and whether you buy tickets for the larger acts in the concert halls, or just walk the streets and parks taking in the free performances and eating your way through all the delicious food stalls, it’s a great weekend for all.

We chose to just walk around this weekend as we had our baby in her stroller and didn’t want to annoy any concert goers, and we had an awesome time. Some of the buskers and park acts were jaw-droppingly good, and the food was almost too good, meaning we came home full to the brim and ready to collapse from being unable to resist it all.

My photos were taken throughout multiple laps of the festival, and 2 days of going in, so are a bit scattered and random.. but hopefully give a good idea of the size and variety of it all.

2 thoughts on “Cygnet Folk Festival 2015

    1. Yeh was a great weekend and the weather was incredible. Was really worried last weeks crazy rain would continue over the weekend and ruin it, but not a cloud in sight.

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