Our Chooks

It’s been a while since I first posted about our chickens. They’re all still clucking along happily, cranking out a consistent 1 egg per chook per day, and owning them has been a highlight of our life here. Their enclosure and house was the first major outdoors thing I’ve built from scratch (I’ve spent years tinkering with electronics and motorbikes but never built a structure), it taught us about looking after animals, and it has pushed us to cook more and try new recipes since we’ve got so many damn eggs!

It’s quite hard to get good photos of them due to how fast they move around, so I decided to finally try the patient approach and just sit with them for a play (I try spent time with them every couple days so they’re used to me, most of them now come up to me for a pat when I enter their enclosure). I stuck the camera down at their eye level and just burst off a bunch of shots then culled the OOF and unusable ones later.

I think I got some alright shots, and from closer and more “chook point of view” than you usually see of them.

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