MONA (Museum of Old and New Art)

Despite living here for nearly a year now, we still hadn’t gotten around to visiting MONA, Hobart’s super-famous loved-by-celebrities Museum of Old and New Art. Myself and my wife do love art, but modern art doesn’t really pull us in anywhere near as much as somewhere like the National Gallery in Victoria. We figured we should check it out though, and had a visitor staying with us keen to see it, so off we went.. and we actually really enjoyed it.

There were plenty of installations that we found quite.. odd. Not interesting-odd either, but “odd for the sake of being odd”. An entire wall was lined with plaster-casts of vaginas, and in another room it seemed like someone had just cut out random pictures from magazines and put them on a table. Things like that. I totally understand that everyone has different tastes, and plenty of people adore and are blown-away by this sort of art, but it wasn’t for me.. I guess I’m just an uncultured philistine!

The “Cloaca Professional”, nicknamed the Poo Machine, was one that I couldn’t really decide if it was awesome, or just plain weird. It was literally a machine that simulated our digestive system, from eating, to pooing. They feed it food from the cafe upstairs (pies, burgers, you name it), which then travels through an artificial digestive system, and at 2pm each day, the other end.. well, takes a dump. Onto a plate. From a technical stand point, it was legitimately impressive.. but there’s no denying that it’s pretty weird to stand around oohing and aahing over a lump of actual, proper, smelly, poo.. fall onto a plate.

Food goes in..
Food goes in..
.. poo comes out.
.. poo comes out.

Despite that, there was lots of installations that I actually really enjoyed. The dark binary-scribbled walls of “Kryptos”, a maze-like room lined with LED floor lighting and leading into a mirror-roofed room that gives you quite a jump, was one of the standouts for me. Just the eery corridors of text and how completely immersed you are in it, made me enjoy it. I also really liked the “Fat Car”, a Porsche that has been remodeled to look like it is obese.

You were actually allowed to take photos all throughout MONA, which was a nice change, so I managed to get a fair few. Some of my favourites are below..

2 thoughts on “MONA (Museum of Old and New Art)

  1. I really liked your photos of MONA. My sister and I went to visit last year to see what all the fuss was about. I am not really into modern art either but it was interesting although a lot of it was not for me. What I actually liked best was the building itself, so crypt like. As for the “poo machine” just gross and it smelled bad in there.
    The other thing that I really liked was the boat trip from Hobart. I would absolutely do that again any time. In fact I wish that MONA was just one stop on the route and that it operated as a trip in its own right. Not so crazy about the 99 steps up to the entrance though.

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