Dark Mofo Winter Feast

Dark Mofo is a winter festival put on by MONA each year, and includes a Winter Feast, which is exactly that… a feast in the middle of winter. It takes up the entire Princes Wharf 1 event hall and the Castray Esplanade outside, which they shut to traffic for the weekend and set up with bon fires, flame throwers, a ferris wheel, and other assorted goodies.

Restaurants and other makers of great food all set up stalls and show off their wares, and visitors huddle around huge flame throwers and fire pits and eat until stomachs burst, then gaffa tape it up and eat some more.

This year was a bit chaotic, being majorly over-sold which meant huge queues to get any food, huge queues to get a seat, and huge queues to get to either of those aforementioned queues. The atmosphere was great though, and we still managed to eat enough to waddle home and collapse in a food coma.

3 thoughts on “Dark Mofo Winter Feast

  1. Hi Callan, I wasn’t sure how else to contact you. I am the chief editor of the student magazine at the University of Queensland (Semper Floreat), and I was wondering whether we would be able to use one of your amazing photos for our review of Dark Mofo. You can contact me at max.chandler-mather@uqu.com.au

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